About Us

Aabasoft Foundation is purely an initiative of Aabasoft Technologies India Pvt Ltd which has made its indelible presence across the IT and other allied services since its inception in 2002. Although Aabasoft has been delivering its services mainly in the IT field, it has profoundly extended its philanthropic activities beyond that. In the beginning itself, Aabosft and its employees were trying their level best to help out the social causes and reach out to the needy and disadvantaged to aid them.

Later Aabasoft foundation was set up to coordinate its philanthropic activities in a fullfledged manner and serve the social causes more effectively. Even if its Core areas are spread across education, orphanage, health, environment, social, sports, and cultural activities, Its main focus arena is in the field of education.


Aabasoft Foundation’s mission is to bring the people out of the complex web of social problems such as poverty, inequality, denial of opportunities, etc, and uplift and empower the disadvantaged who are at the receiving end.


Aabasoft foundation has a vision for a better world where all our fellow-beings live through their aspirations as our democratic India looks forward to having a country with varied heritage but with profound prosperity. So we leave no stone unturned and work hard to fulfill our vision of a better world.

What We Do

At present, the Aabasoft foundation mainly focuses its activities on education, as education has the potentiality to make a profound change and a prosperous world. Apart from other activities, it also consists of :

  • Education
  • Orphanage
  • Health
  • Environment & Social Activities
  • Sports & Cultural Activities

Our Story

Aabasoft Foundation was born out of the realization that a separate wing for philanthropic activities is ought to be formed for coordinating and ensuring that grievances of the needy are properly addressed. Initially, it was coordinated through individual efforts and later it was agreed upon to form Aabasoft Foundation to serve and deliver the aid efficiently

Although Education, health, orphanage, social, environmental, sports, and cultural activities have been the functioning area of Aabasoft Foundation, the core is education as it has the potential to make a change and a better world.

In the wake of natural calamities such as Kerala a deluge, Aabasoft Foundation has delivered tones of humanitarian aid via various means. Along with that, Call centers were arranged as a support system for the disaster management team.